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Alpha 2018

In the prehistoric past, a young man struggled to go home after being separated from the tribe during the buffalo hunt. Bolshoi: La Bayadere 2019 He also found a lost wolf friend and started a friendship that would change humanity.

Directed by:

Albert Hughes Author:

DanielSebastian Wienhaus (scenario), Albert Hughes (story) Star:

Cody Smith-McFby, Natasha Malte, Leonor Varela Epic adventure in the last ice age.
Shining 2018 German ALPHA talks about the impressive visuals that come to mindfrom vanman best friend. During his first hunt with his elite group of elites, a young man was injured and must learn to survive in the desert. Fiercely intoxicating a single wolf, left by his pack, they learn to trust each other and become an unlikely ally, to withstand the infinite danger and a great opportunity to find a way home before the winter comes.


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